We take many things for granted but one of the most important of them is our breath. Caught up in your work and hustle to lead a happy life, you will find it unnecessary to sit and take a few deep breaths. You have so many things to do and breathing is definitely not a priority, right? You might become angry at the suggestion of focusing on your breath when stressed because breathing doesn’t change anything right? It doesn’t take you where you want to go, who you want to be and what you want to do. So is the whole purpose of breathing in vain?

Amidst the chaos of our lives, we forget the importance of a breath and how our lives would be nothing without these breaths. This very breath that you take in the moment, be grateful for it, for there is someone else in some other part of the world, struggling for this one breath. This is the essence of your life. It’s beautiful and it is all within you. You do not see it as something great because no one is winning awards for breathing and all you want is so called success. Take a few minutes in the day to just breathe and do nothing and be totally unapologetic about it. For in the process of breathing, you will realize the greatness of this life and how one breath can give your life so much meaning.

I love the stillness of my breath, sometimes which resonates with the stillness of the sky and the wind. Something as simple as a walk in the outdoors makes me calm and happy. There are no expectations, no judgements here, just the pure joy of being.

To these small but significant moments in life! Cherish them, value them and learn from them.



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Aditi Agarwal

I like to write about the ordinary and reflect on the daily happenings and writing helps me gain perspective. It’s therapeutic in various respects for me.