Growing up teaches you how to withdraw yourself from people, situations and even yourself. It makes you confide in your tears and think of the worst of the scenarios that you weren’t even capable of thinking as a child. It’s hard sometimes to cope, to keep up with the pace others are moving and want you to move too. It can be exhausting to say “Live in the moment” every time you wish a task to just end. It can be exhausting to keep doing the same things everyday without feeling really connected. There might come a saturation point where you feel disconnected with everyone and everything and time feels like a malady. Your tears are the only rescue, that ounce of evidence that you are alive. In that moment of despair, you will find yourself breathing and still alive, filled with the ability to stand up back again and make amends. I guess we’ll always feel low and helpless at some point, thinking ourselves to be these unique creatures who are hurting more than anyone else. But guess what? We are not that unique after all, we all hurt the same, cry the same, feel the same but we don’t talk about it, I didn’t like talking about it, until today. I feel like the start to being mentally healthy begins with you understanding that you are not alone and not unique when it comes to mental health. There is always something or someone that will help you to come back on track, you just need to wait and have faith. I am glad to have people around me who bring me back to my senses and from my imaginary fabricated world. But you have someone too, whom you might not notice but someone who keeps you going. Be grateful for that someone and be there for him/her too. Now that the conversation regarding mental health has started, let’s keep it going!

-Aditi Agarwal



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Aditi Agarwal

I like to write about the ordinary and reflect on the daily happenings and writing helps me gain perspective. It’s therapeutic in various respects for me.