Sweet are the uses of Adversity

Never had I thought that despite being in my comfortable abode- my peaceful room, good food and no commotion, I would still feel unhappy. The isolation has many benefits disguised as miseries. I don’t think I have ever had this amount of time to focus on myself, in the past seventeen years that I have got just in the last eight months. That is something that I could use to my advantage, given that if I want to. The major problems that I have faced are as follows- (Maybe you will relate with them)

So it isn’t like I haven’t liked the “me-time” in this isolation but these are some of the major thoughts that have set the background in my mind and I feel like I have overcome them but they seem to recur at some point or the other. I guess I am writing this article to help myself and also others like me who seem to be having the same troubles. So the first thing that I would advise myself is-

I hope you don’t regret reading so far.

If this article was of any help to you, maybe drop a comment and share your thoughts!

Until next time

Aditi Agarwal



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Aditi Agarwal

I like to write about the ordinary and reflect on the daily happenings and writing helps me gain perspective. It’s therapeutic in various respects for me.