Confessions of an Extrovert

Aditi Agarwal
2 min readApr 29, 2021

In retrospect, I feel like I have had the gift of the company of amazing people that I never took for granted but dearly miss right now. As extroverts, we try to fill that emptiness within us, that void that is too uncomfortable to deal with, with the company of people. I was not a party monster earlier, I only “hung out” with my friends a few times but all the classes with them, school and coaching were so upbeat. I didn’t feel the loneliness of life until now and the last year even. I know I can text or call my friends anytime and I do that definitely, but it is difficult to connect sometimes. Connection just came naturally when we all were in the same physical space, doing the same thing together, that was wonderful. I look back and appreciate all my memories even more now because of the people in them.

I don’t want to sound like a pessimist, I enjoy my own company too, I have got all the time in the world to explore my different talents and stuff, I just miss that connection and, dopamine too. Being in a social group is so comforting. I am deeply grateful for my family that can be entertaining too, lol. I am grateful for playing badminton, catch ball and Monopoly deal with them. I look forward to these little moments these days, more than anything.

I can’t even imagine how people are surviving in isolation. Strength to them!

We need to be strong during these times, pick up a calming hobby like we did last year, have faith and do our bit by maintaining social distance, wearing a mask and staying indoors whenever possible.

Thankyou for reading! May you have a beautiful day ahead!

Until next time!

-Aditi ❤



Aditi Agarwal

I like to write about the ordinary and reflect on the daily happenings and writing helps me gain perspective. It’s therapeutic in various respects for me.